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My three favourite kids ranges to launch this autumn

I’ve seen many new launches and products over the last few months that I’ve loved, so here is a mini edit of my favourites for you to enjoy.

1. Star Wars Collection Courage & Kind


I’m a bit of a veteran Star Wars fan so going to see the new installment of the space saga is at the top of my Christmas wish list. The shops are bulging with merchandise, but as far as I’m concerned  Courage & Kind have nailed it – enough Han, Chewy and Yoda references to keep the kids happy without tacky logo overload. Prices from £32.

boys-lookbook-5 boys-lookbook-7 boys-lookbook-11 boys-lookbook-10


2. Meminio Art Folder

When you have small children you accumulate bits of paper on a weekly basis, paintings, certificates, random doodles etc. It might be a paint streaked piece of paper to anyone else but to you it’s a bonafide work of art.

So where do you keep all this stuff? If it’s left hanging around, items get battered, ripped and finally thrown into the recycling.

Meminio founders Marie and Alison have come up with a clever concept to preserve these milestones and memories – a luxe folder to keep all your child’s artwork and certificates safe.

Meminio Pro LORES FIN-69

You can choose from vibrant turquoise or on-trend grey in super-soft faux leather, each tied with a contrasting neon ribbon, with 20 plastic insert pages inside just waiting to be filled with treasures.

Meminio LS FIN -69Meminio LS FIN -95

Meminio Pro LORES FIN-43

So now your child will have a special place to revisit all their creative ideas and achievements. And no more clutter for you.

What a clever idea!

Visit Meminio  Folders cost £45


3. Rockin Baby clothing

You might be familiar with Rockin Baby’s ethos through their slings – for every one sold another is donated to a mum in need – and new this year is a kids clothing range which follows the same concept:

You buy. We give. Mother to Mother. Child to child.

My favourite designs are from the Circus collection – bright , snazzy and super comfy pieces perfect for dressing your mini one.


Prices are slightly pricier than the average high street; but as you hand over your cash just imagine an identical item winging it’s way to a child in need.

            rocking baby 2

Makes the extra few quid seem so worthwhile, doesn’t it?

rocking baby 5


Prices from £14, Rockinbaby


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