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Kids fashion: Have a Muddy Puddles summer

 So it’s Glastonbury time again, which always marks the start of real summer for me, with the focus  just as much on the weather (and the wellies) as on the line-up (they never have that problem at Coachella).  Shops might be bursting with sandals and flip flops, but a good old pair of wellies is an quintessential part of an English summer. My holiday kit always contains a pair, plus a waterproof and something fleecy for those bracing beach winds.


Muddy Puddles specialise in all weather kit for toddlers and children from colourful and sturdy wellies, to waterproof all-in-one’s and beach essentials. It’s stuff for an active, outdoor life, a deliciously muddy walk in the woods, a day on a windswept beach or to keep things practical at a family festival.

muddy muddy 2 muddy 3 muddy 4

For children these clothes are freeing, no ‘mind the puddle!’ ‘watch the mud!’ – they can simply wade on through.  Yes, things are pricier than the average high street label, but the quality is superb, and so hard-wearing, that you’ll know there’ll be enough life left to be handed down to your next child.

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Just add rain…

With a range catering from toddler through to pre-teens, these  are the ideal clothes to have adventures in, and that’s why Muddy Puddles also has regular free events promoting outdoor fun, from kite-making and mud-larking to learning circus tricks. We’ve been along to a couple, and had so much fun. If you can’t find an event near you, read their amazing blog for more ideas on making the most of the great outdoors this summer.


Pearl at their circus event earlier this month


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