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Kids Fashion – I Need A Hero

I started thinking about superheroes this week after a heated discussion with Pearl about whether Batman can fly or not ( the correct answer being obviously not, as he hasn’t got real superpowers, like Superman, just access to lots of flashy gadgets).

next boys t-shirt

T-shirt, £6, Next

It made me remember cooing over Next’s fab mini superhero pieces at their spring preview back in November, so I had a little trawl around to see what else I could find. The Disney Store’s Marvel range is as fun as ever, and Fabric Flavours a go-to for anything comic book themed, but I couldn’t find much for girls apart from pink Batman onesies (and no – Elsa doesn’t count, as she doesn’t wear lycra, fly or fight crime). BUT I discovered this amazing US site A Mighty Girl – it’s packed with empowering clothes, toys and games for girls from toddlers through to teens, and I found a Wonder Woman t-shirt (with cape attached!). Go and have a look – it’s a wonderful site that’s trying to save the world in a different way… 😉




2 thoughts on “Kids Fashion – I Need A Hero

  1. My son is having a spiderman obsession while, at the same time, wielding his Jake & the Neverland Pirates sword! I have to check some of these items out. thanks for the great post!


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