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January Pinterest Theme: Doll’s Houses

There is something magical about a doll’s house.

antique doll's houseFerm living doll's house

I’ve been pinning lots of them recently, mainly because I’ve been reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. Set in seventeenth century Amsterdam, it tells the story of Nella, a young bride who employs a mysterious miniaturist to furnish her elaborate doll’s house. It’s ideal January reading material, beautifully atmospheric, and creates a world perfect for escaping into on dark winter days. Doll’s houses like Nella’s were built in huge cabinets, and were considered trophies of wealth, and strictly off limits to children.

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton - book cover

 These, while beautiful, are all a little ornate and grown up for me. I prefer quirkier houses, which feel like a tiny person has suddenly set up camp in a corner of your home, Borrower style. You don’t need to invest hundreds of pounds on one either, your child with their fertile imagination can easily see shelves or some stacked boxes as a dwelling place for their dolls.

Or even a suitcase…

doll's house suitcase

Here are some ideas for impromptu houses using shelves.

shelving doll's house with Ikea doll's furniture The homemade home for children by Sania Pell

Bookcase doll's house

See here how to make the above.

They can easily revert back to storing books once your child gets older.

I love this one below complete with chimney from the House To Home website. See here how to make your own.

house to home doll's house bookcase

If you are looking for something ready made Argos have this version for just £36.99

argos doll's house bookcase argos doll's house bookcase

Want to see more? The Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, East London  has a new exhibition, Small Stories: At Home In A Dollshouse. See their website for more info.

Museum of childhood doll's house exhibition


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