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Skoo Crew – A Fun New Maths App For Kids

Trying to get your children to grips with basic maths can be an uphill struggle, and the after school lure of playdates, Lego and TV means it’s hard to get them to focus on anything else, particularly if it seems educational. And if like me, you don’t agree with piling on extra tuition until secondary school, it’s tricky to find a way to keep any extra curricular learning lighthearted. So Pearl and I were excited to discover Skoo Crew, a cool scootering app for 4-10 year-olds, that is addictively fun to play and will help your child improve their maths skills, too.


You play by choosing a character and guiding their scooters through different routes, jumping over and ducking obstacles to collect Skoo bands, which give you more points depending on how many you get. And if you score highly enough, you’ll unlock more difficult levels. I’m showing my age here, but it reminded me of playing Sonic on a Sega Megadrive (an early 90’s classic) which I used to love. In between each game you visit Skoo School to solve maths problems and win extra lives and power ups, but as it’s part of the game, Pearl didn’t really twig that she was brushing up on her number bonds and times tables too. The maths questions are mainly aimed at KS1 (year one and two), but the scootering game has a wider appeal (even 43 year olds, ahem).


Skoo Crew was created by two mums, Emma Allen and Jules King, who both have primary school aged children, and I think they’ve made a clever app that will appeal to most children (and their parents). Tablets are great tools for learning and discovery, but often hours are lost playing games that have little or no long term benefit, however fun they are, so it’s great to discover something with a bit more substance.

Skoo Crew is available from Google Play and the iTunes app store for 99p.


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