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The Best Kids’ Unisex Clothes

There seems to be a gradual move away from the accepted ‘blue for boys pink for girls’ way of thinking. (Even my younger daughter Pearl, who loves anything that’s nylon, frilly and sequinned, says her favourite colour is now blue. This is like a Disney Princess choosing combat gear to wear to the ball) I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing pink, or frilly skirts, just as long as you offer your child other options too.

Clothing that can be worn by either gender is also becoming more commonplace, and we’re not talking about the type of bland beige items you might buy when you don’t know whether you’re having a boy or a girl, these are funky clothes that can be worn by toddlers up to pre-teens.

Stripe Onesie,

Stripe onesie,

 First came the arrival of  brands from Scandinavia, like Polarn O Pyret, whose bold catching designs blurred gender divisions, then the launch of completely unisex brand Tootsa Macginty in 2011, and now even middle-of-the- road Mothercare has retro inspired gender neutral items within Jools Oliver’s Little Bird range.  So slowly, the landscape has begun to change. Bold, bright colour is a must, as is practical styling, these are clothes for an active child, and sturdy enough for rough and tumble play. The best thing is that they can be handed down to your next child regardless of whether you’ve had another boy or girl.

Here are some of the favourite things I’ve found:

(Click images to view as gallery)


What are your thoughts on unisex clothing?


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