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Party Essential: Cocorose Folding Shoes

Going out to parties (especially in December) has one HUGE drawback – tottering home in heels. Carrying a pair of trainers in a rucksack can kill any glam ensemble so a pair of compact flatties that can be stowed in your clutch is just geniusEmbed from Getty Images

I first came across folding shoes in the noughties, but at that point they pretty much just came in black and other very neutral tones. Fast forward ten years and you have brands like Cocorose, where you can choose from  a breathtaking array of colours, prints and fabrics, making the journey home even more stylish than the night itself. They are also ideal for pregnancy, when wearing anything higher than a kitten heel, for more than ten minutes, becomes virtually impossible.

Slip them on for the last hour of the party, after all, who cares about leg lengthening heels when there are congas to be danced…

Visit Cocoroselondon.com for more details and the full range


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