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The Best Organic And Natural Skin Care For Babies And Toddlers

It’s often when parenthood looms that you become more aware of chemicals and other additives in skin and hair care products. Using anything too processed or unnatural on a newborn just seems wrong  (in fact midwives recommend using only water and cotton wool for the first few weeks anyway) but once your baby is more robust, and has started to enjoy bath time, there are some really gorgeous natural and organic products to try (and after weaning begins you’ll definitely need something stronger than water to get sticky puree out of their hair!).

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I’ve tried and tested so many baby washes and creams in the last few years, so I thought I’d do a round-up of my favourite ranges. It’s up to you whether you want to choose natural products or go totally organic, (the difference is that a natural ingredient has to be derived from a natural source not a chemical one, and an organic ingredient has to be produced without harmful chemicals or pesticides), but all of these products are suitable for your children’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Organic Children by Green People

One of the first organic brands, offering a huge range for all the family since the late 90’s. This new Berry Smoothie bath and shower wash smells good enough to eat. Perfect for toddlers.

Tiddley Pom – Natural Baby Spa

Combining massage, music and gorgeous smells to stimulate and bond with young babies, the Tiddley Pom range of products boasts 99% organic ingredients.

Sophie La Giraffe Baby

The iconic toy giraffe Sophie launched her own toiletry range last year and it’s been racking up awards ever since. 100% vegan, and with a mixture of natural and organic ingredients, the products are ideal for very young babies.



Burt’s Bees

Their Baby Bee range is 99% natural and includes soaps, lotions and nappy cream. There is also the equally yummy Mama Bee range for soothing and caring for pregnant skin. Choose fragrance free options for extra sensitive skin.

Weleda Baby

I’m a big fan of Weleda’s baby range, their Calendula cream bath is one of my all time top five bath treats. They now have a new Baby Derma range, using extract of mallow, which is 100% natural and contains organic coconut and sesame oil. It works for adults with super sensitive skin too.

Childs Farm

Perfect for eczema prone skin, the Childs Farm range is made from natural ingredients with organic essential oils. Older children love the funky packaging and fruity flavours, and at around £3.99 for each product, it’s a purse friendly way to invest in chemical free skin and hair care.


Naif was created by two young Dutch fathers who couldn’t find quality, natural skincare for their new babies, so created a range themselves using  ingredients such as cottonseed, avocado and sweet almond oils. I love the milky bath oil that doesn’t leave a slippery residue on your baby or the bath.

Original Sprout

Luxury vegan toiletries that can be used for babies and the rest of the family too. Their gorgeous natural shampoo contains no chemical nasties and as a bonus has organic rosemary that acts as a head lice repellent.

Earth Friendly Baby 

Great value range of natural and organic skin and hair care for babies that is widely available on the high street. I love their lavender  bubble bath that will calm and soothe tired babies and help them have a more restful sleep.


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