Christmas Crafts For Toddlers: Tin Foil Trees

I made these with Pearl for a craft feature in Mother & Baby last year, and they are so simple for toddlers to do virtually by themselves, just needing a bit of supervision to keep the paint and glitter off the walls!  A roll of tin foil, paint and anything sparkly to decorate is all you need, make a few  and arrange on a plate to create a festive table decoration.

Christmas craft tin foil trees for children and toddlers

  Get the roll of tin foil, and show your toddler how to make it into tree shapes by rolling it into a tube, then scrunching one end to form a point. Then paint green.

Once dry, glue on sequins, pompoms or glitter. If your toddler finds handling the sequins and glitter too fiddly, sprinkle some onto a tray, so she can roll the glue-covered tree around.

As an alternative, transform a pine cone into a miniature Christmas tree by adding glitter glue and more pompoms.


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