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My Ten Essential Baby And Toddler Products

I was often asked when I worked at Mother & Baby what were my favourite baby products as a mum. The things I used again and again, that never let me down, and basically did what they were supposed to, i.e make my life as a parent easier.

 The things that I never regretted buying:

 Baby Sleeping Bag – I’m sure most parents would agree. A genius product as discussed here.

 Potette Plus – Ever toilet trained a child that wouldn’t sit on a potty and was scared of public toilets? This was the best £13.99 I ever spent – a portable potty cum loo seat that will fit easily in your changing bag.

 Gro-Clock – Simply a lifesaver before your child can tell the time. Once Pearl moved into a bed we often had 4.30am visits, this clever clock has a rising sun that you can programme to signal to your child when it’s time to get out of bed.

 Contigo Runabout Cup – It never leaks or spills and it’s super easy to clean. Enough said.

 Moccis – I found these invaluable in the crawling/ cruising stage before Pearl needed shoes. The leather sole makes them less slippery than socks, and the soft fabric means they’re not too restrictive for delicate feet either.

These are the things I wish I had bought:

Hamster Buggy Bags – Got a pushchair with a tiny shopping basket? These clever bags strap on each side to provide extra storage AND won’t make your buggy tip over.

Aden & Anais Muslins – Until A&A came along a muslin was a small, uninteresting white square you used to mop up milk. Their huge, gorgeously soft muslins  moved the humble cloth to another level and suddenly had a multitude of uses from breastfeeding cover up to swaddle.

Snoozeshade – Unless you want to be housebound for long periods of time, your baby needs to learn to nap on the go. This buggy blackout blind makes it much easier and fits pretty much every model. Pure genius.

Littlelife Daysack – Perfect for keeping tabs on independent toddlers out and about. They feel grown up with their own rucksack, you have a rein to hold so you still feel in control.

BT Baby Monitor 350– I had an analogue one. It was shocking and surprised I heard anything through the static. This one has crystal clear sound, a light show and you can play music through your MP3 player too. Super snazzy and so essential too.

What were your favourite products?


One thought on “My Ten Essential Baby And Toddler Products

  1. I loved the jumperoo stage (i.e coffee in peace) and I have a maxi cosi car seat which swivels which saves my back massively. I was v lucky with muslins – my Sri Lankan friend gave me loads. Over there, they buy it off the roll and Aunties and the like handstitch and embroider. Very cute!

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