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Back To The Old School – Classic Kids Shoes

There’s nothing like buying a new pair of shoes to make you feel good. When I was little though, a visit to the shoe shop filled me with dread. My mother wanted practicality and comfort. I wanted shiny black patent. But I always ended up with mud brown leather t-bars, which were worn with canary yellow socks in true seventies fashion. To this day I’ve never bought or worn anything else brown!

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We might be in the era of super lightweight hi-tech footwear, and iPads that can measure your feet, but there is still a place for a bit of tradition. Many children’s brands have resurrected classic styles from their back catalogue that feel charmingly retro rather than frumpy. And they come in better colours than they used to.

What little girl wouldn’t want to wear these?


My favourite classic styles for little dudes.


Cool kids wear them with clashing tights.


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