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How To Customise Shelving For (Hopefully) Clutter-Free Kids Rooms

 Pearl’s room is full of knick-knacks that she’s picked up from holidays, party bags, and even (yeuch) Happy Meals. They cover her dressing table and desk (and often the floor), but none have a real home. It’s treasure to her, but to me it’s plastic rubbish that I’d dearly love to throw in the recycling. But obviously I’m not that mean 🙂

Pinterest came to the rescue – I love this idea of customising a shelving unit into a display area where everyday ornaments and toy figures can be organised and curated.

clever shelving idea pinterest


You’ll need a unit with pigeon or cubby holes (I have seen loads on, I prefer white, but you can buy distressed retro wooden versions, too. Then decorate the back of each section – I think it works best if all the patterns are different. I like the idea of using vintage wallpaper- it’ll be pretty durable too. (You can find wallpaper sample books again at or try local decorating shops)

clever kids storage pinterest


Then let your little one loose on filling the shelves  – and voila – the clutter becomes quirky and more aesthetically pleasing in it’s new home. Neat and organised for me and accessible for Pearl… win win.

For more storage ideas see The Best Kids Storage Baskets


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