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No More Tears – The Kids Hairbrush That Really Works

It’s the little things that make parenting tricky. The daily nitty gritty of performing repetitive tasks that your child detests.  Up there with the twin evils of hair washing and cleaning teeth, another mundane but contentious chore lurks. Once your little darling has a full head of hair, the daily battle with the brush begins.

I’ve often had to choose between leaving the house with a groomed but tear stained child or admit defeat and hope I don’t meet anyone I know on the way to the shops (Tip: always have a hat handy for instant camouflage).

I’ve tried every brush imaginable on my girls. We have the curse of thick hair in our family (our collective manes have more body than a champion Sumo wrestler) so a flimsy bog standard brush with a Barbie motif was never going to cut the mustard. Industrial strength serum and vats of de-tangling spray is where it’s at in our house.

D90 Ladybird Tangle Tamer Denham

Tangle Tamer, £6.98, denmanbrush.com

Meet the Tangle Tamer. We’ve tried them all and I can safely say that this is the one that works. Made by brush specialists Denham, it’s pricier than average but SO worth it. Slips through hair without any pulling and scratching and most importantly, no tears.


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