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The Essential Baby Sleeping Bag

A baby sleeping bag could be mistaken for a gimmick, but in reality they’re genius.


Anorak for Grobag, £32.99

They appeared in the 15 year gap between my two pregnancies and I viewed them with slight suspicion, wary after being suckered into buying stuff I didn’t need the first time around (including, ahem, a miniature ironing board. Don’t ask).  My younger daughter hardly slept and faced with chronic sleep deprivation, I buckled to pressure and bought one. We didn’t instantly achieve that holy grail of all new parents – a full eight hours kip – but she slept more deeply and for longer periods. Life was transformed.

 They work simply because  they are much much cosier that traditional blankets, and will help your baby to feel more secure. They’ll wake less too as they can’t kick their covers off and get cold.

There are now a vast array on the market, from basic own brand to supersoft merino versions, with prices ranging from £12 to well over £50. Whatever your budget, the most important thing is to choose the correct tog rating for the time of year to avoid your baby overheating.


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